Join Marconics Originator Alison David Bird, C.Ht and Co-Founder Lisa Wilson at the Marconics Center for this expansive series of classes to support your personal Ascension journey.

Marconics Avatar Consciousness Connection Courses are designed for lightworkers to further their own personal Ascension path and perfect for those do not intend to set up a traditional energy healing practice. These courses explore the higher concepts of humanity's ongoing and phased Ascension while giving seekers a set of protocols for self care and personal activations.

Marconics Mystery Schools are for students who've completed either the level 2, 3 or 4 practitioner training OR have completed the Avatar Consciousness Connection Course and want to expand their knowledge as we explore the path to Soul Sovereignty and push back the envelope of spiritual evolution.

Personal Ascension Courses

Rediscover and reclaim your true multidimensional ascension path.

Developed for Lightworkers seeking the higher truths behind their own phased Ascension into higher states of consciousness, this intensive and comprehensive course combines dynamic lecture and discussion on our stellar origins, Atlantean history, and evolution from fully connected Avatar Consciousness to a Soul Sovereign state of Being.

Students will learn two 'movement' protocols: The Lux Mentis Fusion and the Lux Orbis, which assist the individual seeker to anchor, assimilate, and draw down frequencies from higher bandwidths of resonance in preparation to achieve Avatar Consciousness Activation and access beyond our 12D planetary grid as a Sovereign Integral.

As a part of the course, students may add appointments for the Marconic Quantum Recalibration and the Marconics Lux Magnum.

'Avatar Consciousness Connection'
Personal Ascension Course

The Marconics Mystery Schools provide a fun and intimate setting to explore the mysteries of Ascension Mechanics and Spiritual Alchemy.

Delivered through a blend of lecture, discussion, and experiential activities, the topics vary at each Mystery School. Ranging from time travel and timeline manipulation to sacred geometries and manifestation beyond the planetary matrix, each Mystery school caters to the group attending and the relevant current 'mysteries'.

As a part of the course, students may add appointments for the Lux Magnum, the Marconic Quantum Recalibration, The I AM Merge or The OMEGA protocol.

'Marconics Mystery Schools'
Personal Ascension Course

2020 Class Offerings:

4/4-4/5 - CLOSED

 SOLD OUT December 12-13, 2020

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Course Fee: $295

Saturday - Sunday

9:30am - 5:30pm

15 Depot Street

Chester, VT

Appointments available:

Lux Magnum Appointment: $177

Recalibration Appointment: $333

I AM Merge Appointment: $444

Omega Appointment: $455

2020 Class Offerings:

3/20-3/22 - CLOSED

SOLD OUT December 4-6, 2020

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Course Fee: $550

Friday - Sunday

9:30am - 5:30pm

15 Depot Street

Chester, VT

Appointments Available:

Lux Magnum Appointment*: $177

Recalibration Appointment**: $333

*The Lux Magnum is required for this course.

**The Marconics Quantum Recalibration is recommended for this course, but not required.

If you have not received one or both sessions, one of our certified teachers can complete this for you at the event.

Bring your own equipment:
Yoga mat, pillow

Comfortable, loose fitting or stretchy yoga or athletic wear

A minimum physical fitness level is required:
Must be able to lay on a yoga mat on the floor
Medium flexibility
Ability to perform and hold tai chi/basic yoga type poses

By enrolling in the Avatar Consciousness Connection, you are agreeing that you have the physical stamina to participate in a moving protocol, and that you are cleared medically to participate in light to moderate physical activity. Participation is at your own discretion and you agree to release Marconics International LLC, its agents and teachers, from any and all liability arising from any incident or injury as a result of your participation.

Avatar Consciousness Connection Class Deposit
Class Date
Marconics Mystery School Deposit
Class Date

Cancellation Policy & Certification Terms:

Deposits and Final payments for class and appointments are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

In order to receive certification, students must attend and participate for the entire class and demonstrate proficiency in the protocols.

Should you choose to leave prior to the completion of class, we reserve the right to withhold certification.