Meet Diane Lavin R.N., a Marconics Practitioner who had a profound healing experience with Marconics founder, Alison David Bird, C.Ht.

     During a demonstration of a technique within the Marconic 'No-Touch' Protocol at a class in Provincetown, MA, in May 2014, Diane experienced what we know to be the first ever physical integration of a Higher Self.

The event has been life changing for Diane, and marked the beginning of a new chapter for Marconics, which now claims that between 80 - 100% of students who have received a Marconic Recalibration experience Higher Self integration in class.

    You can see in this interview which was recorded immediately following class, that Diane was already deeply moved by the intensity of the experience. For those of us who bore witness, both students and teachers, many were brought to tears and the energy in the room was palpable.

     Diane has since left her 'corporate' career, gone on to become certified as a Marconics Level III Marconic Quantum Recalibration Practitioner and completed an internship.

     Interviewed by Lisa Wilson

Lost Knowledge Interview with Marconics originator Alison David Bird, C.Ht.,

with Debbie West & Michael Hathaway

Former BBC Journalist and Marconics Founder Alison David Bird explains Earth's ascension from the cosmic perspective in great detail including Worm Holes, Portals, Star Gates, Time/Space, frequencies, DNA Activation, and more.

Published on June 22, 2015

Stream Radio Interview with Lisa Wilson, of Marconics

 with Host Diane Lupo.  

What is Marconics, where did it come from and what does it mean for humanity's Ascension? 

Published October 18, 2015