Alison David Bird, C.Ht., speaks live on how to better support ourselves and our loved ones as Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows  - the generations of Wayshowers  that are deconstructing the old paradigm and designing the New Earth.

What is an Indigo? 

          Starting as early as the 1940s and arriving in waves throughout the current decade, Indigos have been identified as the generations of Light Workers and Light Warriors incarnating on the planet to assist with the deconstruction of the enslavement programming that has kept humanity phase-locked in the third dimensional density – the paradigm of fear and duality. The latter waves of Indigos, Crystal Children and Rainbow Children are heralded as being the architects of the New Earth; they are beacons of light and change, the designers of the new paradigm of unity and love.


     These children and adults often suffer from feelings of not belonging or not being easily able to function within the confines of the third dimension without having to deeply suppress and hide their “true” selves. Often diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and Autism, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children and adults are often over medicated and under supported.


     Usually highly intelligent, self-aware, intuitive, psychic, compassionate, empathetic and strong willed, the Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows are being lost in the rigid social, educational, and economical/political structures present on the planet. Those that are not activated often suffer from feelings of not belonging, deep depression, addictions, and risk “leaving the planet.”

          What can you do to help yourself?

     You can start by raising your vibration. If you are an earlier generation Indigo ‘Scout’ you most likely have traveled a long road absorbing a fair amount of negativity as you carved the path for those following behind you. You may be a parent, grandparent, relative, mentor, teacher or caregiver now to a younger Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow child.


     You may be a member of the younger generations trying to find your place in this density, wondering why it is so hard to fit in and to find your way. The rules imposed can feel suffocating, it may be hard to shine your light. You can connect to the purpose of your soul's mission and actualize it.  


     In freeing yourself of your karmic creations and liberating your consciousness to a multidimensional state, you can better support yourself in assimilating the higher light frequencies hitting the planet. This enables you to become a better vibrational match for the Fifth dimensional energies (and higher) and those that may be in your charge.

     The Marconics ‘No-Touch’ Practitioner training is an excellent place to start. Even if you do not currently have designs on being a “healer,” the knowledge and support you will gain in addition to accessing the energy for yourself and your loved ones will be a life changing experience.