The purpose of the Marconics Infinite Light ‘I AM’ Merge is twofold.

     The 'I AM' Merge creates a safe zone in the physical and etheric body that enables the higher levels of Higher Selves, up to and including the Oversoul, to descend safely into the physical vehicle for integration. With the structures in place, the higher integrations are more gentle and comfortable for both the Higher Selves and the incarnate counterpart. 

     The Marconics Infinite Light ‘I AM’ Merge creates the infrastructure for you to receive, decode, and run the light information that is coming down from the higher dimensions. In order to bring our world back to light, the full power of our Being, free of the 3D Ego traps, fully empowered and able to tap multidimensional consciousness must be activated within us. 

     It is with the gifts of light, harmonics, and geometry that we are able to create a series of geometric structures within the human energy field and body that decode and run light frequency and Galactic tones. 

     We are in essence expanding the energetic body and aligning the Galactic DNA so that the human vehicle and incarnate personality can comfortably withstand the Oversoul integration and merge. This “safe zone” enables the Oversoul or higher selves to be contained within a human body that has been activated with its own personal Lightbody template.

 The Marconic Infinite Light 'I AM' Merge 

is done in two, one-hour sessions.

Marconic Infinite Light 'I AM' Merge

*available to Students and Graduates of the Marconic Integrated Chakra Unification and/or

Marconic Quantum Recalibration Practitioner Training

Footage taken during a Marconics Infinite Light 'I AM' Merge. 

Higher Self and Oversoul integrations can take place as the structures are being created within the physical vehicle and energy field. 

As this beautiful and gentle integration occured you can see that the client is partially levitating - only her sacrum and elbows were touching the massage table. As the Merge completed, she is gently lowered down.